Monday, November 9, 2009


Troy's Work Table began in July 2006 as a means for me to wander and write. There was no real purpose other than to jot down things, make a few observations, and include a few photographs. I was operating under Walter Benjamin's definition of the flâneur in The Arcades Project. I was wandering with no real purpose other than for the sake of wandering and seeing whatever it was that I saw.

In short order (August 2006), it became apparent to me that I was focusing on three primary areas of interest—books, art, and beer. My interest in craft beer as a hobby and a minor obsession really took root about this time.

It began with my having tried Paulaner's Oktoberfest on a whim. It was such a different experience than I remember having during my high school and college days of Corona and Miller Genuine Draft. First, I could actually taste the beer; this wasn't just the taste of cold, dirty water with a hint of something lurking in the background. Second, I actually liked the taste; something I couldn't say about those macrobrews. Third, I was enjoying this for its own sake; I wasn't drinking this to get intoxicated or "to have a good time." (Although, I was definitely having a good time.)

I entered a new world. I began to try other craft beers and microbrews. I found that I really enjoyed amber ales and red ales. As my tastes grew and I realized I liked flavorful beers, I expanded into the world of India pale ales and stouts and porters. I discovered barleywines. I found my favorite session beer, Deschutes Cinder Cone Ale, and my favorite all-around beer, Thomas Hardy's Ale (which is unfortunately no longer being produced).

I dabbled at home brewing. I started a beer cellar. I became interested in how beers paired with food, primarily the meals that the wife was cooking. I went to beer tastings at my local bottle store, 99 Bottles.

The next logical step, it appears to me, is to begin a blog specifically for my beer posts. That way, my interest in craft beer can be better defined and better cared for in a place dedicated to it alone.

So, I invite you in to Troy's Tap Handle...

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